The Most Important Skill in Customer Service
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Frontline reps require a wide range of customer service skills if they are going to deliver Hero-Class® customer service.

Like a father with his children, I don't like to play favorites, but at some point, I must acknowledge that one skill is more important than all of the others.

That skill is communication.

Powerful, effective communication is foundational; without it, few other aspects of a customer's experience will matter. Communication is the glue that keeps customer experiences from falling apart.

To read more abut why communication is so crucial and what that means to front line reps, make sure to check out the full blog post here.

Your Handbook for a Great Service Culture
When I consult with organizational leaders, I often tell them that without a customer-centric culture, much of their investment in systems and training are wasted. Culture is the energy that drives strategy, and it is what what tells when the unexpected happens. 

The only way to sustain great customer service over the long term is to have a great culture.

To that end, my friend and colleague's new book, The Service Culture Handbook, is the perfect tool to help you look at your culture with fresh eyes and create an actionable plan for improving it. Below is my review of The Service Culture Handbook to give you a better sense of what it offers.

"Organizational leaders often struggle with improving culture. Culture, after all, can't be itemized in a spreadsheet or distilled through data analytics. Culture is human, messy, and for the most part, doesn't come with a playbook. Until now. My colleague Jeff Toister's newest work, The Service Culture Handbook, stands out from much of the literature on culture for its effortless blending of research, original thought, and real-world example into something that is both easily digestible and eminently actionable. Often, discussions of culture stay at the 50,000 foot level; that's because talking about the importance of culture and relating anecdotes about legendary company cultures is the easy part. The Service Culture Handbook is different. By my count, only about 20 percent of the book deals with WHY culture matters; 80 percent deals with HOW you can actually improve culture. The Service Culture Handbook truly is a "handbook" that will help you build and improve a customer-obsessed culture and create more hero moments for customers as a result." 

The Service Culture Handbook goes on sale tomorrow, April 4. If you want to focus on creating the best service culture possible, you can pick it up here.
Monday Motivation #234: The Short Races
"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other." 
Walter Elliot, 20th Century Scottish politician
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